HÆIRLOOM. Solo Show.
Peruvian Embassy. London, UK
Jun-Jul 2023
Royal Academy. London, UK
Jun-Aug 2023
VIDA. Group Exhibition
Ourense, Spain
Jun 2023
Seoul, South Korea
Aug 2023
Galería Mestiza. Madrid, Spain
Sep 2022
Noche de Arte.
Colegio Roosvelt. Lima
2019, 2020
Art Basel. Miami
Dic 2019
Arte Feliz.
Org. Kusimayo. Lima
2017, 2018, 2019
Galería Forum. Lima
Jul 2021
Galería Primas. Lima
Feb 2019
Qhichwa Simi.
Galería Gaudi. Madrid
Feb 2019

Summer Exhibition

The photograph that was exhibited and sold out at the Summer Exhibition is part of my Cuban Collection produced in 2018. I found my image titled HEARTH 2 perfectly appropriate for this years´ subject ´´ONLY CONNECT´´. The theme can be depicted as simple or as complex as you like – as simple as putting a plug into a socket or meeting a friend for coffee… or as complex as the fabric of the entire cosmos! It could be about a connection between the spiritual and the quotidian or maybe a connection between oneself and everything else, as David Remfry so beautifully stated… To me this concept can’t crystallize more ideally than in the image of a kitchen which is the hearth of every home! This is the place where everyone connects…where everyone comes for food, warmth and comfort. Communication, empathy, love… all flourish and are nourished in a kitchen. Hearth 2 is the kitchen of an old colonial house in the neighborhood of El Vedado in Havana.